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Cheap Thrills: Zero Budget Film Festival returns

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The ninth Cheap Thrills Zero Budget Film Festival is coming soon and it's a cracker. We have had a record number of international submissions - so many that I find myself having to reject many films that would have been accepted any other year.

We have four rules for Cheap Thrills. All films must be short, family-friendly, entertaining and cheap. 'Zero budget' is a difficult target to hit, but we insist a film must have been made for the love of it, not for money, so no external funding is allowed. We favour the local, the weird, the rough and ready.

Every year we have a theme, which traditionally all of the filmmakers ignore completely. This year it's 'heroes' and the optional dress code is mask and cape (interpret that as you will). The event is free, but we might rattle a bucket at you and we request cakes for the interval, so if you can bring some that would be lovely.

The venue, Christ Church in Pitsmoor, is warm, friendly and huge, so don't worry about reserving a seat (and yes, they are comfortable). The fact we are in a church in no way implies a religious event. We have films from all over the world and absolutely everyone is welcome.

We also have a special vintage film screening with a 'real' projector, lots of international short films, we have silent movies with live music accompaniment, and we have some local films too. See you there.

Cheap Thrills Zero Budget Film Festival 2019 takes place on Saturday 16 November at Christ Church (Pitsmoor Rd, S3 9AQ). Doors open at 7pm for a prompt 7:30pm start. Entrance is free but donations are welcome.

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