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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 118 January 2018

This year Now Then celebrates its tenth birthday.

It’s hard to believe we’ve been around that long. It feels like a lifetime ago that plans were being hatched for its birth and Sheffield has changed so much, but many things stay the same. The independent scene here continues to flourish, helped along by that most Sheffield of attributes: mutual support.

We’ll do our best to keep shouting about the things that make this city unique. Please, if you have a perspective or a story to share, get in touch with us. Now Then is only as strong as its citizen journalists – but you don’t need training or even a background in writing to get involved. Tips for new writers can be found here.

Happy New Year.

This month's articles

Bird Feed: Seeding Evolution

In September 1835, a ship arrived at the Galápagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador, making just one stop in many on its five-year…

Sad Facts Clammy News for Furtive Denizens

THE REAL FASCISTS If there’s any real authoritarians here, it’s the authoritarian left. That’s what I say. I say it at least once a day in…

Localcheck Renters Rising

The stereotypical landlord is lazy, greedy, bullying and dishonest. Perhaps your landlord – or any landlord – is good. Excellent landlords…

Lil Peep & Emo Rap

Emo rap. It’s a term that seems oxymoronic at first. What common ground could possibly be found between the testosterone-fuelled,…

New Places for 2018

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018. Now is the time to set goals and try new experiences. With that in mind, we’d like to help you with…

Blood Sport / Moulettes / Skream

9 December Leadmill The shock announcement that Sheffield’s Blood Sport would play one final show before disbanding was met with disbelief.…