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Stan Skinny

Stan Skinny is a writer, poet, illustrator and comedian. Heralding from the literary city of Lichfield he found his spiritual home in Sheffield.

He has performed across the UK, with some the leading spoken word performers including; Roger Mcgough, John Hegley and Hollie Mcnish. He is three time winner of both the Off the Shelf Poetry Slam and the Great Yorkshire Show Off and once beat Sean Bean in the post-it-note game.

An active community activist, he is involved with the People’s Kitchen Pitsmoor, which brings together residents of Pitsmoor through food events, and aims to renovate the Abbeyfield House Stables into a community kitchen and arts space.

He is also the host and creator of the cabaret events; Fish Pie, the Dib Dab Dob Cabaret, and the Sheffield Songwriters Club and runs the literary organisation: Verbal Gerbil with Helen Rice.

Reappraised: Phil Collins

Phil Collins, the ferret-faced uncle of pop, with his vocal sack of heartache from his Su Su studio of emotional longing, is a living, breathing revelation.

Reappraised: Robert Palmer

Do you own any greatest hits compilations? Maybe buried in your car’s snuff box you’ve got Queen's Greatest Hits II or Michael Jackson’s Number Ones, or even B*Witched’s Blame It On The Hits. You’re only human after all.

Reappraised: The Beautiful South

In 1998 a song about the male appendage reached the top of the charts. I can’t think of another song with a similar subject matter to achieve the same dazzling heights of success since ‘My Ding-a Ling’ became a hit for Chuck Berry in 1972.

Reappraised: Lighthouse Family

When two likely lads from the fishing port of Newcastle upon Tyne stormed the charts with the soulful, easy listening pop gem ‘Lifted’, the fishing community rejoiced as one of their own had hit the big time.

Reappraised: Limp Bizkit

Nu metal is now old metal. That places Limp Bizkit somewhere at the forefront of the Bronze Age, smelting a heady mix of rock and rap in a clay pot of 'nookie' and backwards caps.

Coldplay Come in from the Cold Play

When that great, gigantic meteor eventually hurtles towards us and civilisation crumples into a heap of molten fire, I know exactly which CD I'll reach for to take the edge off: Coldplay's A Rush of Blood to the Head.

Sheffield Does 69 Love Songs

It was a friend called David Davidson, so good they named him twice, who introduced me to 69 Love Songs by The Magnetic Fields. It was the…

Spotify The Dog

I’ve always been an anti-establishment bean. Right from the off I knew I wasn’t going to go down the paths chosen for me and climbed out…

Sound Look Back In Anger

Out they shone, like two silver bullets, irreverent and derisive, poking through the see-through black shirt that barely covered the torso.…