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Roger McGough: Much-loved poet comes to Sheffield

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Dubbed the 'Patron Saint of Poetry' by poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy, Roger McGough's influence as an English writer is unquestionable. After rising to national prominence through the publication of The Mersey Sound in 1967, one of the best-selling poetry anthologies of all time, McGough went on to publish a trove of beautifully-crafted works for adults and children.

Unbeknownst to some, McGough was responsible for much of the dialogue in The Beatles' world-renowned animated film Yellow Submarine, and although he did not receive an on-screen credit, it's a testament to McGough's influence on both popular culture and poetry.

His latest work, joinedupwriting, is an exuberant collection of poems, with subjects ranging from forgotten friendships and the idiosyncrasies of family life to contemporary global politics and the trauma of war. These poems explore the eccentricities and shortcomings of human experience but are always framed by McGough's signature wit and wry sense of humour. A national icon and a beacon of longevity through attributions to literature, McGough is a must-see.

If you asked a handful of poetry fans who they would like to see perform at a slam festival, Buddy Wakefield would be a name to commonly leave their lips. A three-time poetry slam world champion, Wakefield has had a profound impact on the contemporary poetry movement with his unique performance style.

His footprint on the spoken word scene knows no bounds, having featured on the BBC, HBO's Def Poetry Jam and ABC National Radio, and he has been signed to Sage Francis' Strange Famous Records. Prior to Buddy's title of world-renowned poet, he was a busker in Amsterdam, a street vendor in Spain and a team leader in Singapore, a modern-day nomad who laughs in the face of restrictions. Join Wakefield for an evening of disarming performances delivered with humour and heart.

Hailing from our own city, Stan Skinny is a local hero to Sheffield's poetry scene. Over recent years Skinny has performed at a range of festivals, from Sheffield Pride to Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where he scored his first solo gig, Tesco Chainstore Massacre. An award-winning poet and comedian, his act is one of the most memorable on the circuit and justifies claims that his shows are like no other.

You can catch Roger McGough, Buddy Wakefield and Stan Skinny on Tuesday 21 May at the Abbeydale Picture House. Tickets available here.

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