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Nigel Slack

The public should know all we can about the business of the decision makers that affect our lives, our wallet and our democracy. I'm what is known as an 'active citizen'. I'm non-party political and I'm about questioning politics, at a local level here in Sheffield and beyond.

All Change: The Devil's in the Detail

Active citizen Nigel Slack is charting Sheffield Council's move to a new Modern Committee system. Here he looks at new details from Council - like resident representation on committees and councillor voting records.

A new Chief Executive for Sheffield

'Active citizen' Nigel Slack takes a look at the credentials of Sheffield’s newly-appointed Chief Executive – and the challenges she will face in the role.

Localcheck Co-operatives Pay Dividends

Richer Sounds in Broomhall has sold quality hi-fi equipment at cheap prices for years, with enthusiastic and knowledgeable service. Now…

It's Our City: A People's Petition

How does Sheffield City Council make decisions?That question usually gets you a range of answers: lots of different people talking in…

Devolution: Where Did It Go?

What has happened to the devolution deal for Sheffield City Region? The four main Metro Councils made a decision, at their meeting on 17…

Devolution: Rough Seas Ahead?

From the moment devolution for the Sheffield City Region was announced, the agreement has been sailing on troubled waters. We're now…

Devolution Deal: Signed & Sealed?

Friday 18 March's full council meeting voted to ratify the so-called 'devolution' deal that first came out of its closet in October last…