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Celluloid Streams: What to watch online this week

As we approach May, we have another selection of streaming choices which might be of some interest. 

Starfish (15) - Prime

A.T. White's feature debut is a mesmerising treatise on grief and loss, deftly wrapped within a cerebral sci-fi. It's fresh, original and shamelessly opaque. A veritable fever dream. Watch trailer here.

A Monster Calls (12A) - iPlayer

The film adaptation of Patrick Ness' award-winning and critically acclaimed YA novel harnesses all the power of the book whilst delivering a heartfelt tale of a son trying to come to terms with his mother's illness. Watch trailer here.

Thelma (15) - All4

When a student at a Norwegian university starts having extreme seizures, little does she know that they are just the beginning of her supernatural powers. Watch trailer here.

Election (15) - NOW TV

Alexander Payne's marvellous black comedy pits a popular high school teacher against a confident overachieving student as she tries to become student president. Watch trailer here.

Cube (15) - Prime

Before the phenomenon of the Saw franchise swept the horror world, there was an intelligent, deadly and clever independent Canadian sci-fi from Vincenzo Natali. Cube garnered a cult following and generated a sequel and a prequel. Watch trailer here.

Chasing Coral (PG) - Netflix

Our planet is dying. Ecosystems are being wiped out. Our coral reefs are being decimated by the pollution caused by humans. But there's still hope. If we act now. Jeff Orlowski's beautiful documentary demonstrates just how important our actions can be. Watch trailer here.

Ghost Town Anthology - MUBI

Denis Côté's strange French-language drama competed for the Golden Bear at Berlinale. It's a beautiful little atmospheric supernatural mystery. You can practically feel the cold. Watch trailer here.

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