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Celluloid Streams: Keeping you entertained over the Bank Holiday weekend

As we head into a Bank Holiday weekend, here are a few more films to keep you entertained.

Water Lilies (15) - MUBI

There has been a lot of Céline Sciamma in these recommendations over the weeks, and quite rightly so. Her first film, Water Lilies, has been difficult to get hold of in the UK, with the DVD being deleted. It's a rather beautiful and breathtakingly assured debut. Watch trailer here.

The Silence of Others (PG) - BBC iPlayer

Spanning five decades, General Francisco Franco's reign of tyranny and terror left many scars on Spain. The 'pact of silence' which followed left thousands without a voice or redress. Robert Bahar and Almudena Carracedo's documentary follows the victims' struggle. Watch trailer here.

Castle in the Sky (PG) - Netflix

My first ever Ghibli and one of their best, Castle in the Sky is a magical tale of two children with a magic crystal who must evade pirates and spies to find a mythical floating castle. Watch trailer here.

Local Hero (PG) - All4

Bill Forsyth was one of Scotland's best filmmakers. Back in 1973 he made a wonderful gem of a film which pitches a hotshot American oil executive into a small Scottish community. Watch trailer here.

Adult Life Skills (15) - Netflix & Prime

Before she took over as the new Doctor (who?), Jodie Whittaker built up an impressive resume of film and TV work. One of her most underappreciated performances was in Rachel Tunnard's amiable feature debut. Watch trailer here.

Coherence (15) - Prime

Just because a film doesn't get a theatrical release doesn't mean it's not good. That was the case with James Ward Byrkit's intelligent and clever sci-fi. It just goes to show that the pen can be mightier than the dollar. Watch trailer here.

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