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Ways to Give

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Jim Spendlove

Much of the joy of food comes from sharing, whether that is cooking for others or making a difference in your community by giving a little back.

There are many food charities, co-operatives and projects in Sheffield, working with local people to build skills, reduce food waste or provide affordable food for people who need support.

We have food banks in Sheffield covering the breadth of the city, from Firth Park and Stocksbridge to Attercliffe. The Sheffield Food Bank website lists the different groups, so you can see what is in your area, how you can donate, what items they need, where collections take place and how you can access food from them if you need it.

Their assistance is not just limited to food. The Sheffield S6 Foodbank run a More Than Food programme to support people in other areas of their lives, such as financial and personal wellbeing. There are community foodbank choirs in Fir Vale, Gleadless and St Mary's on Bramall Lane, who've performed at Peace In The Park and at Sheffield Food Festival.

There are many other food projects focused on encouraging a sense of community and reducing food waste. Foodhall on Eyre Street is a pay-as-you-feel cafe which is passionate about bringing people together with food, from cooking and developing new skills to eating together. Their menu changes regularly based on what food has been donated by retailers. Follow them on Twitter (@foodhallproject) or Facebook to keep updated on their events.

Foodcycle make the most of donated food by working with teams of keen volunteers, who create and serve healthy, affordable meals at their dedicated hubs. Sheffield currently has Foodcycle projects in Gleadless, Sharrow, St Bart's, Firth Park and Lowedges. If you want to volunteer and cook, host or help collect food donations, contact your local Foodcycle group via their website.

The Real Junk Food Project opened their first pay-as-you-feel cafe in 2015. Since then, over 7,000 people have been fed and hundreds of tonnes of food has been saved from being thrown away. The project now runs the Steeple Corner Cafe, off City Road, and the Citrus Cafe at Zest in Upperthorpe. Everyone is welcome. Check out their Instagram (@citrus_cafe_zest) to see what's on the menu.

Real Junk Food's Sharehouse Market on Carlisle Street is stocked with surplus food from local supermarkets and shops. If you fancy volunteering there or in one of their cafes, you can apply via their website.

Food businesses are doing their bit for charity too. Proove Pizza work with Foodinate to donate meals to help homeless and vulnerable people. The meals they fund go directly to Ben's Centre in Sheffield.

Sunshine Pizza runs a pizza sospesa (pending pizza) scheme after the idea came to them whilst doing pizza research in Naples. The donations are used to help feed the homeless and this includes contributions to local charities like the Archer Project.

There are many other projects and places we haven't got space to mention here, and some may be on your doorstep. If you'd like to pay a bit extra forward, then get involved and give something back.

Ros Ayres



Bagel School

Sun 4 Nov 10-3pm | Regather Works | £65

Learn the art of bagel making with this hands-on course from Tower of Bagel. Lunch is provided and you get to take recipes and bagels home with you.

Love Cheese Festival

Fri 16 Nov 5:30-9pm | Moor Market | Free

A chance to try cheeses from around the UK and the world, with street food, live music and craft beers and spirits.

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