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Ros Ayres

Food Editor

Food is a topic which is on my mind most of the time from what I’ve eaten to what I’ll be eating. I enjoy home-cooking and getting creative in the kitchen, cooking doesn’t have to be complicated. Some of the best dishes can come from using a few well matched ingredients.

I love being the Food Editor for Now Then magazine as I’m passionate about sharing food stories, championing local producers, makers and the great places to enjoy in Sheffield for food and drink.

Food is ingrained into all of our lives to a lesser or greater extent, as we all have to eat. It’s important that we enjoy our food (and drink) whether that’s eating well, using our local greengrocers, trying a new Sheffield ale or cooking with family and friends.

You can find more of my writing on my blog and I write poetry, some of which I share on my website.

Growing a Community

Food charity Green City Action share how community growing connects people, improves wellbeing and helps us to develop our communities.

Recipe Chicken Momos

Taking us on a culinary journey to Nepal, Dev of Hungry Buddha shares his top comfort food recipe - chicken momos. Momos are a type of steam…

Comfort Food

As late summer moves into autumn, there’s a change in what we want to eat. Molly’s Cafe & Deli and Edo Sushi share their favourite dishes to keep out the cold.

Early doors: The reopening of pubs

As pubs in Sheffield start to re-open, The Rutland Arms and Early Bar share their experiences of rising to the challenge of serving customers whilst maintaining social distancing.

Celebrating the resilience of our independents

Icarus and Apollo, Eats Roots and Leaves, Sebastian's, Beer Central and Bean and Stalk tell us about the trials of tribulations of running an independent food business since lockdown.

Freshly Baked

To celebrate all that is baked, we spoke to Mark from Roses The Bakers and Alexa from Aesthete Coffee + Kitchen.

Dry February

Far beyond Dry January and Sober October, there's a growing trend for choosing non-alcoholic and low-ABV drinks. There are many reasons why …

Try Somewhere New

To kick off 2020, we want to showcase a selection of recent openings in Sheffield, some of which may already be on your list to try in the N…

Alternative Festive Feasting

[PIC5]At this time of year it's important to take the time to think about how to spend the festive season. You don't need to follow the crow…

Cooperatives for Change

Cooperatives are built on foundations of equality, where all members have a voice and an active role. In Sheffield, the focus of many food c…

A Taste of Nepal

Nepalese food is all about comforting flavours which make the best of fresh seasonal ingredients, like tomatoes, potatoes, cumin, ginger and…

On The Street

Street food is a great way to enjoy cuisines from across the globe. It's the kind of eating that brings people together, whether that's hang…

The Art of BBQ

The art of barbecuing takes some practice and we've all experienced the downsides of a bad one, whether that's incinerated sausages or under…

Enjoy The Sunshine

We haven't had a heatwave like last summer just yet, but we should prepare to make the most of the sunny days and enjoy Sheffield's abundanc…

Waste Not...

Millions of tonnes of food and drink is thrown away every year in the UK and much of this waste could have been avoided. Shocking, isn't it?…


The world of beer is an exciting one and in Sheffield we are blessed with plenty of great breweries, shops, pubs and bars. Even if you aren'…