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UK Mondo is Sheffield’s newest online radio station, showcasing the city’s leading electronic lights and fulfilling a demand for local DJs to profile their talents. Since its launch in October 2015, its comprehensive schedule of electronic programming has been notable for its rapid rate of growth, supplemented by its high-quality output and diverse roster. Broadcasting from the Shalesmoor area are names like Pipes, DJ DMK, Deadbeat and Pedram. With a growing fan base, UK Mondo is pushing the sounds of Sheffield across the UK and beyond. Entirely self-funded through its own events and DJ subscriptions, UK Mondo represents the homegrown DIY attitude that has powered Sheffield’s music culture for decades. I spoke to Josh Kerr, one of the founders of UK Mondo, about its ethos and future plans. Why did you decide there was a need for an online radio station based in Sheffield? Sheffield is a special place anyway, but it has a unique connection to music. Most of the artists on the station are from the city or have been drawn in by their own experiences. It's something we all feel connected by, something we all care about. Internet was the only real option for this, simply because of the freedom it gives us. We can be who we are without any adverts. Is there something particular about Sheffield that UK Mondo is trying to capture? Sheffield has a strong musical culture and I guess we are trying to be that hub to bring people together. Personally, I think the musical community here has a bit of a DIY attitude and it would be nice to have a place like-minded people could come. So I think really what we are trying to capture is something that has been going on for years, but having a place we can nurture it in a positive environment. What are the future plans for UK Mondo? Do you see it expanding into FM radio, more events, a label or other platforms, like other internet radio stations have done? We just want to push ourselves further in Sheffield. We've got a worldwide audience currently and we want to make sure any talent from our own city is given the platform to express this on. We want to be the reason why people get into music. FM radio is the dream, really. I think if our station continues to grow at the rate it has been, I truly believe it could be a reachable goal. Our nights have actually all gone really well, and they have shown that we do have a face and a presence within the city. We have talked about launching a label. Currently we're trying to move out of our small space into a bigger, central location, and then we can really start to make our ideas a reality. For those unfamiliar with some of the shows and presenters, can you give us an overview of what people can expect to hear on UK Mondo? We have a really wide range of great shows on the station. Off the top of my head, we have Oris Jay, Pipes and Andy H, who really speak for themselves, I think. We also have Palizé, Mr Dubz and Deadbeat, who stand out for me on the bass production front, and even Ashley Holmes with his Plenty Vibes show, my personal favourite currently, which is kind of chilled and funky. Everyone on the station brings something different yet equally great to make each day unique. Artist: coLor )

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