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The Nook: Hairdressing with conscience

The sustainable hair salon putting the planet first.

Danni Maibaum

Nestled snugly in the tranquil surroundings of Dyson Place just off Sharrow Vale, The Nook is an eco-friendly self-care haven that deftly combines a quality, relaxed salon experience with a consistent focus on minimising its environmental impact. I chatted to owner Hannah Emmerich to find out more about this indie gem.

Hi Hannah. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how The Nook came into being?

Hey. I’m the owner of The Nook, and I’ve had a career in hairdressing for 15 years. After living in London and abroad, I moved to Sheffield and became a freelance stylist. This gave me the independence to explore what I wanted from the industry and what was important, day to day.

Whilst working in Australia, I saw how they had developed ways to reduce waste from the industry and how product brands were taking steps to put the planet first, through being cruelty-free, plastic-free and / or organic. This opened my eyes to the fact that there are quality alternative brands out there. Opening The Nook felt like a natural next step and Dyson Place offered the perfect setting to do so.

You describe your approach as ‘hairdressing with conscience’. What does this mean to you?

Our tagline “hairdressing with conscience” simply reflects us making conscious choices about how we run our business to ensure that we put the planet first.

Sustainability is a central part of your ethos and has been thoughtfully woven into the whole business. How are you keeping things environmentally friendly?

We do this through the brands we use - so everything from hair colour to toilet paper, outsourced recycling, offset donations to Ecologi, our second-hand and hand-built furniture, the coffee we serve, and our shampoo and conditioner refill station.

Danni Maibaum

I always love the warm welcome I receive at The Nook. For folks who haven’t been to you before, what can they expect at an appointment?

I have always taken a relaxed and personal approach with people and thanks to Beth, Laura, Emelya, Aine and Nicola, that ethos has spread within the salon. We all have our own individual style and approach but we all give care and attention to each person we see.

The space has recently undergone a rearrangement to create room for more folks to have a permanent home at The Nook. Who’s going to be joining you?

We have grown in ways I didn’t expect which has warranted a little shuffle around, so we’ve got Charlotte and Beth who create out of this world gel nails, and Lauren who is our eyebrow and makeup wizard.

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The Nook is wheelchair accessible, except for the basin area which has only ambulant disabled access.

by Felicity Jackson (she/her)

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