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Independent retailers that disabled customers in Sheffield love

For Independent Retailer Month, we highlight some accessible indie retailers in the city that deserve some love.

Sheffield Winter Garden and Steel Balls under a blue sky.

Sheffield Winter Garden and Steel Balls

Rob Forrest

It’s Independent Retailer Month and, always keen to celebrate both Sheffield’s indie retailers and shops that are accessible to disabled people, I wanted to highlight the Sheffield businesses that disabled people can rely on. Because it is depressing – but true – that, as disabled people, we know that we are far more likely to find decent access at a massive corporation than we are at the little, unique, local shops we’d prefer to shop with.

But not only do disabled people have fewer independent shops to choose from for this reason, we can also find it virtually impossible to establish where we can go and where we can’t.

Finding accessibility information should be an easier task than it is and shops with an ethical focus need to do better at letting us know whether we can shop with them or not.

I have spent the last few days looking at the websites of no fewer than 50 independent retailers in Sheffield and the only ones I found with accessibility information available are the ones listed below. That means that even the indie retailers that do a great job with accessibility are not letting us know this – and for people with minimal energy or high pain levels, a trip out “just in case” we can get in is usually not realistic.

The work that many disabled people have to do to find accessible premises is extensive, exhausting and relentless, so if your premises are wheelchair accessible, or you have staff with knowledge of BSL, or you have quiet opening hours for people with sensory sensitivities, let the world know about it! You’ll almost certainly gain customers who would love to support your business if they knew you were making an effort to welcome them.

The following Sheffield retailers make clear what disabled people can expect if we visit them this Independent Retailers Month.

Sheffield Makers

Sheffield Makers sells items by makers and artists living in Sheffield, who all work together to make the shop run. Based in the Winter Garden in the city centre since 2015, Sheffield Makers say they “like work that is innovative, colourful, bold and interesting, we also favour work that uses reclaimed materials.”

If you’re looking for art, kids’ clothes, bags, jewellery, cards or accessories, Sheffield Makers could be the perfect destination.

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Winter Garden, 90 Surrey Street, S1 2LH

Harrison Cameras

Harrison Cameras turned 50 last year. The shop is “bright, modern and extremely well stocked with all things photographic”. It has a brilliant reputation and is loved by locals with a passion for photography. It has committed to limiting its impact on the environment, too.

Jessica Flinn Fine Jewellery

This Sheffield-based luxury jewellery brand is “on a mission to do fine jewellery differently,” selling its own collections and creating bespoke designs for customers. As part of a mission to source gemstones responsibly, this independent retailer tells customers where each gemstone is from and assigns them an ethical score.

Jessica Flinn told Now Then: “Inclusion for us also extends to our brand imagery. We proudly use a diverse mix of models, including those with body differences and disabilities, to make sure our customers feel seen and represented.”

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Cybor House, 1 Tapton House Road, S10 5BY

Jessica Flinn told us: The Jessica Flinn showroom is conveniently located on the ground floor and is wheelchair accessible. We've made it easy for wheelchair-using customers to navigate our space with a simple side exit at floor level, and a dedicated low table for ease and comfort during appointments.

We recognise that accessibility needs can greatly vary, and that's why we make it a priority to gather information from our customers upon booking. This allows us to prepare accordingly and cater to their unique needs. For our customers with neurodivergent disabilities, we offer 1-2-1 appointments in a serene environment, free from background music and potential disturbances.

Our Chief Operating Officer is currently learning sign language as part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing our service to deaf and hard of hearing customers. We continually strive to go above and beyond for all accessibility requests, ensuring all customers feel welcome and supported.

Moor Market

Whether you’re looking for haberdashery, home furnishings or hot peppers, Moor Market probably has something in stock. Housing 90 independent businesses including butchers, speciality cheese sellers and deli counters, as well as stalls selling jewellery, footwear and clothing, the city centre venue promises “a unique retail experience, full of characters, wonderful flavours, sights and sounds.”

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