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The brunch series: The Orange Bird

In the second of our Sheffield brunch series, we spoke to The Orange Bird about what makes their Saturday brunch special.

The Orange Bird brunch
Ros Ayres

The Orange Bird is situated in the heart of Hillsborough on Middlewood Road by the Hillsborough Park tram stop.

Although they might be better known as an evening restaurant, the Orange Bird love the buzz of a daytime service and try to make Saturdays special. The service is more casual and relaxed, with more family groups, dogs and chatter!

Brunch is a special service at the Orange Bird, as it only happens on a Saturday. So as well as enjoying some great food, you might want to treat yourself to a cold beer, glass of wine or a cocktail with your brunch. All cocktails have 25% off at lunchtime.

Our favourite things about brunch are…

Going out for brunch is a great opportunity to try out new restaurants and cafes. Sheffield has loads of lovely places to eat and lots of different neighbourhoods to explore. You can also visit different shops in the area and maybe build up an appetite on one of Sheffield’s many great walks. We have loads of excellent walks in S6: Rivelin, Loxley, and Beeley Woods to name but three.

The Orange Bird salads
Ros Ayres

Many people have more time at the weekend and like to meet up with friends and family during the day - but without the responsibility of feeding everyone! Not to mention not having to tidy up afterwards…

Brunch can include the whole family, it typically isn’t as expensive as eating out in the evening and it feels like a treat.

The days of most people working 9-5, Monday to Friday are in the past. Eating out in the day can work much better for people working different shift patterns, and can sometimes be the only time you can see some friends.

Our favourite dish on our menu

Our favourite brunch dish at the moment is the biltong and chorizo hash, served with a poached egg, hollandaise and Orange Bird house pickles.

The food in our restaurant is modern South African/international and this dish typifies that. Biltong is a dried cured beef found in South African countries and features in our evening menu, as well as in this great brunch dish.

Matthew Duggan-Jones, who is our head chef as well as being joint owner, grew up in South Africa. A lot of our dishes are inspired by the food he remembers eating growing up and most of our food is cooked over wood, like in a traditional South African braai (BBQ).

The other thing we’re excited about at the moment is our brilliant summer salads. These are beautifully tasty and filling by themselves, but you can also add some meat from the braai for a real treat.

Our drinks of choice

We use Cuppers Choice coffee in the restaurant. We think the quality and flavour is as good as any you’ll find in any specialty coffee shop.

If you want to make this a bit more special, we have a coffee Negroni on the cocktail menu, which is a great way to start your weekend of brunching!

Learn more

The Orange Bird

78 Middlewood Road, Hillsborough, Sheffield, S6 4HA

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