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The brunch series: Kollective Kitchen

In the first of our spotlights on Sheffield brunch spots, we spoke to Kollective Kitchen to find out what’s on the menu.

Brunch at Kollective Kitchen

Kollective Kitchen is a city-centre independent owned by Tom Reeves and Hayley Glover, serving locally sourced, globally inspired dishes with a focus on colour, delicious flavours and sustainability.

Whether you are dining alone or with friends and family, they have a dish for you. From the simple bacon sandwich or classic eggs on toast to a Middle Eastern mezze or smoked salmon Benedict and almost everything in between, you will be struggling to pick from the menu.

Brunch at Kollective Kitchen

There are six different seasonal salads at the counter, which rotate weekly, and plenty of house-made bakes to wake up your appetite.

Our favourite things about brunch are…

Hayley: We love spending time with family and friends whilst doing the one thing that brings me the most joy - food!

I’m always looking for inspiration for new dishes so visiting new places and checking out different cities is a must. Brunch seems to be the one meal of the day that myself, my husband and two young children can agree on, even the fussy eater!

Tom: When exploring new places or on my days off, finding the best place to eat is always high up on the agenda. I enjoy the relaxed dining experience of brunch, and find enjoying a great meal early on with friends or family gets the day off to a great start.

Our favourite dishes on the menu

Hayley: BBQ Bene. This dish is something you probably wouldn’t cook at home. It’s a modern twist on a classic. It’s one of the most popular dishes on the menu and has become a Kollective staple. My drink of choice would be an oat milk flat white.

Tom: My favourite dish is the loaded croissant. It’s basically everything I’d want for brunch stuffed inside a buttery toasted croissant! Smashed avo, grilled halloumi, smoky bacon & scrambled egg. It’s a decadent treat that definitely satisfies any appetite. It’s another dish that’s become so popular, we can’t take it off the menu.

For me, I always order a pour-over coffee if available as they showcase the diverse range of subtle flavours that can be achieved from different origins and processing methods, meaning no two cups are usually the same.

Learn more

Kollective Kitchen can be found at 1 Brown Street, Sheffield S1 2BS.

Now Then asked about disabled access, and Kollective Kitchen said, "we are accessible for wheelchair users. The main doors to Site Gallery are extra-wide automatic doors which lead directly to the cafe from the pavement with no steps. We also try to keep plenty of room between tables to help with accessibility."

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