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“Popping in for a glass of wine is a great way to try things and we can tell you about the wines.”

In celebration of new independent traders opening across Sheffield, we asked co-owner Virginia to tell us more about the newly opened Tenaya wine shop in Crookes.

Tenaya wine in Crookes
Ros Ayres

A new addition to Crookes, Tenaya wine is a shop offering a range of wine to enjoy at home or in the comfort of their bar.

We spoke to co-owner Virginia to find out more about their exciting Californian wine range and which wines they have enjoyed tasting recently.

Tell us more about Tenaya wine.

Our shop/bar is inspired by places in California and Europe where you can both shop and enjoy a drink in a relaxed, informal setting. We felt there was space in Sheffield for more wine and wanted to bring a little slice of the California casual feel to it.

Tenaya wine in Crookes
Ros Ayres

I've lived in the Golden State for 6 years and Sarah has spent time travelling there. We are both very attached to the place. We will be featuring a good range of California wines as they tend to be quite hard to come by.

I live in Crookes, Sarah lives in Nether Edge, and we just love the community feel in Crookes. It's a lovely high street with a lot of independent businesses and a great vibe.

What can people look forward to tasting?

We will have a chalkboard with six wines by the glass from the shop's selection and that will change weekly. This means that people can gradually try our range and get to try different things.

We have quite a bit of natural wine as well as more classic options, so there will be something for everyone.

You can also pick any bottle from our 200+ bottles in the shop and add a corkage fee to drink it in the shop. We have a few beers in the fridge as well as Punchy soft drinks too. There are lots of options!

We are collaborating with Porter Brook Deli to provide some deli snacks to enjoy with your drink. There will be cheese, crackers, paté, hummus, olives, crisps, etc.

You can pick what you’d like and take to your table to enjoy picnic style with a chopping board and cutlery. If you don't finish your cheese you can take it home with you!

Tenaya wine in Crookes
Ros Ayres

For anyone new to wine, how would you recommend getting started?

It really can be daunting knowing where to start with wine! We are hoping to break down that intimidating feel that can come with going into a wine shop.

We will have a great range, which is accessible at all price points - from £8 and up. We also have a selection of some of our £15-and-under range (which is a big range!) on our central table. This means people immediately know there is stuff at an accessible price point and easy to find.

We have added short, but helpful, descriptions to the wines on the shelves. And we have arranged the wines in order of style, which we hope will be easier to browse than by country. There will always be at least one friendly member of staff to help you find what you're after too.

We are launching a wine club in the next couple of weeks, which is a subscription to receive anything from two bottles per month chosen by us. Each month we will have a wine club launch evening where you can come and try the wines you are taking home and hear all about them. We are also able to ship these country wide.

Popping in for a glass of wine is a great way to try things and we can tell you about the wines.

Why is it important to champion women producers and women in business?

The wine industry has been pretty male dominated and intimidating over the years with quite an old-fashioned feel to it. It has also had quite a posh vibe going on.

There are more and more inspiring young women making wine all over the world. They are also modernising their practices and making wine more accessible and we want to support that!

At the moment we are seeing lots of interesting wines that are not necessarily classical of their region but are being made really well, which is exciting.

Natural wines are also improving very quickly, meaning you can find natural wines are super clean tasting, as well as the funkier stuff!

What have you been tasting recently?

We have been loving Chenin Blanc lately, it's a grape variety that is so variable and can show so much range of style all over the world.

Chillable light reds are also a favourite at the moment! A light-bodied red can be even more delicious at a cooler temperature, and pretty refreshing in the summertime.

Do you have any tips for matching food and wine?

We have a few interesting Gruner Veltliners in at the moment and are really enjoy experimenting with spicy food and this grape variety. Again, it can be super zingy and fresh or a little more full in flavour. Great food wine!

Orange wine is also a winner with a bit of spice...we have a few and it's a really interesting wine style that is becoming more and more popular.

How can people follow the action at Tenaya?

We are on Instagram and Facebook and you can find out more on our website.

Learn more

Tenaya Wine, 239-241 Crookes, S10 1TF

The shop/bar doesn't have any steps so would be fine for disabled access, but doesn't have disabled toilets.

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