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Sheffield Flourish Mental Health & Covid-19: Survey shows impact on city's population

60% of respondents tell local charity their mental health has worsened since outbreak.

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Covid-19 has had a negative impact on the mental health of Sheffielders, the results of a survey conducted by Sheffield Flourish suggest.

60% of respondents told the local charity that their mental health had gotten worse since the outbreak, but a majority also said they hadnt sought support from mental health services.

Common reasons for worsening of mental health in relation to Covid-19 included not being able to see family and friends, disruption of routine and impact on work.

Suggestions from the 66 anonymous online respondents for how other people could improve their mental health included physical exercise, volunteering, limiting news consumption and spending time in nature.

Around 6% reported that Covid-19 and the response to it had improved their mental health.

Flourish updated its Sheffield Mental Health Guide in April, widening its scope to include emergency food provision, including foodbanks, and support for vulnerable groups.

The charity recently launched a tutorial video to help people navigate My Toolkit, an online resource which enables users to create their own confidential space to put together ideas, services and activities which support their mental health.

For up-to-date information and advice on mental health services, Sheffielders can call the charity on 0114 273 7009 (weekdays, 9am-5pm) or email [email protected].

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