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Rare Synergy LAN Gathering 2017

Coming to a bank holiday near you - Sunday 27 August, to be precise - The Audacious Art Experiment (TAAE) bring the audio-visual unrestraint of Rare Synergy LAN Gathering 2017. For a second time, the annual event will be held at Picture House Social and will boast 15 eclectic acts over a 12-hour period of revelry, all promoting the ethos of “celebrate the now”. Along with some of TAAE’s local favourites, the line-up includes electronic noise artist Ewa Justka, disco-inspired Leeds trio Galaxians, and the experimental four-piece Housewives. We spoke with Luke from TAEE, who gave us more of a preview of the multimedia matter set to unfold. Tell us a bit about what to expect at this year's bank holiday marathon. Essentially, we’ll be taking over the Picture House Social for 12 hours and turning it into a multi-zoned arcade of rare sonics and visual stimulants. The day’s flow is being curated along the lines of an interactive illusionary experience, where the participator is challenged into deciphering a financial predicament and their own social insecurities, amidst a bulging saloon pumped full of the finest and rarest experimental sonics the UK DIY scene currently has to hand. There will be three rooms, each different in size and shape, but uniform in their ability to entertain, amuse, elate and confuse. As back-to-back performances rain down from the stacks, the user navigates a social maze similar to ITV’s classic adventure show Knightmare, only with the day’s aim being not a singular and frantic escape, but dissolving absolutely into a free state of collective permeability, presence and pertinence. It’s a phenomenon we’re calling ‘Collateral Permameme’. Is anything being done differently this year? Apart from all 15 acts featuring for the first time, the format is largely the same as last year. However, the addition of a garden stage on the decking will provide our biggest update and should prove a pretty fun place to be. Where did the name of the event come from? It stems from a crushing obsession with social computing circles of the past, like 90s Quake LAN parties, modern social memes, ritual festivals and a strong disgust for the modern neoliberal dictionary. In a world which demands its inhabitants to perform near constant tasks on technological devices, how will our sense of humour and creative aspirations evolve to defend us against the impending mental health meltdown? And the essence of 'celebrating now' - what's the importance for you, and for the event? Now is the time. Nostalgia is a healthy tool for inspiring our modern aims, but when looked upon too often it saddens our ability to feel honest reactions towards what is really happening. What we could really do with. What hits the spot. Aside from the 12-hour stint, how is this going to be different from other TAAE events? We’re not really sure and that’s sort of the excitement behind it for us. Every TAAE event I’ve been to has usually been pretty unique in its line-up, environment and clientele, so this one will be no different. Mixed bills have always been a big favourite of ours, so I guess having so many hours to fill on this one allows you to really move through the genres and invite people on a journey. Anything you're particularly looking forward to on the day? Asking for the wifi password. Where can we get tickets? If you like URLs then there’s Party For The People. If you like apps then you can grab tickets from Dice & Resident Advisor. Take your pick. )

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