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699 Abbeydale Road

That There Deli is one of those places that just appeared one day, like a mirage in the desert. It's easy to miss - down towards The Climbing Works on Abbeydale Road - but well worth the journey.

Serving exclusively vegetarian dishes, with loads of vegan and gluten-free options, it's a break from the meatier lunch fare of nearby establishments and all the better for it.

Strongly recommended are the quesadillas and wraps, packed with such joys as sweet potato falafel, along with a choice of three daily salads. We haven't tried them yet, but the soups look super hearty. Everything is made fresh on the day and service comes with a warm, genuine smile. You just can't fake that level of passion for food.

That There also do catering for outside events, and if you place lunch orders by 11am they guarantee a super-fast pick-up at lunch time. Worth considering, given how popular this place seems to be already. Get in on it.


Us Brits are professional sorry-sayers, but we often struggle with 'thank you', so we just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was involved in producing and supporting Now Then in 2016.

It's a cliche, we know, but we genuinely couldn't create the magazine every month without the support of our community of readers, writers and traders.

We're constantly bowled over by the level of support and engagement we get every month: new businesses wanting to support what we do, new readers giving their thoughts, and new writers telling us what they're passionate about and putting fingers to keyboards.

The longer Now Then lasts - almost nine years, would you believe it? - the more it feels like part of the scenery in Sheffield, but it's not inevitable. So much hard work goes into the mag each month and more often than not, we get all the credit.

That credit should lie with our small team of editors and the people of Sheffield, who make the magazine what it is.


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