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NOW THEN #100: Our pick of independent Sheffield

205-207 Crookes Valley Road

Beanies has always been a step above the rest for us. Evan and the gang provide incredible produce, in terms of taste and sourcing. They go out of their way to make sure you have everything you need, whether you’re coeliac, lactose-free, vegan, veggie, soy-free or just really hate certain vegetables.

Dream of a fruit and Beanies will make sure it’s there for you. 30 years of trading has definitely led to an expertise that is appreciated all over the city. They also run a really great veg box scheme, delivering a high-quality, rotating selection of veg across Sheffield for over 20 years, so they know what they’re doing.

Last year their hard work was recognised by them winning Best Independent Retailer at the Observer Food Awards and they’re up for it again this year. You can vote for them online, so head to the website and have your say.
Beanies have been great friends of ours over the years, so thanks to them for supporting us.


2 Milton St

Corp. The name is said in reverential hushed tones by freshers all over the city, whispered lovingly by locals, and proclaimed with a sigh of relief after realising that West Street isn’t the only place to go on a Friday night.

Whether you’re a purple or a blue pint person, it doesn’t matter. With a smorgasbord of musical genres on offer, Corp is the perfect place for all. Every year they put on an enviable line-up of local and national bands, bringing in punters from far and wide. Last year alone they put on an impressive 140 gigs.

Voted third best rock club in England by Kerrang for a reason, Corp have been sticking it to the man since 1997. Each room has a varying theme, from dubstep to metal to teenagers pretending they remember 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. We all have that friend who’s decked it from the top of the stairs to the bottom, and there’s always that one time you had one too many quad vods and paid the price. You know a true Corp lover when they have a pair of shoes that they save specially for nights out at Corp.

Corp, we salute you.


249 Sharrow Vale Road

Consider this our ode to fish and chips. Crunchy and crispy, gravy covered and more. There can only be one place for this traditional treat in Sheffield and that’s Two Steps. Two Steps we love you, for sure.

Two Steps has been a firm friend since our first issue and we can’t describe how grateful we are to them for that. For all the times you’ve provided mushy pea-covered love to those who can’t be bothered to cook, for being constantly reliable with your crispy batter and perfectly cooked chips, for keeping everything about as Yorkshire as it gets by selling our favourite chip butties and rissoles, plus serving a gravy that would make anyone feel proud to be up North. Most importantly, thank you for helping us, from 1 to 100.

Our Laggy has been running Two Steps since we can remember. The business actually started back in 1895 as a 'fresh fish dealer', but whilst it may have passed through a few owners since then, it has always managed to keep its charm and, most importantly, its superb taste.


342 Glossop Road

In May 2014, ROCO launched their first campaign to raise £200,000, aiming to take a grade II-listed building near the centre of town and regenerate it into a central hub for creativity and art. They had a vision of not only taking one building, but a large part of the terraced row between The Harley and the SU, creating studios, co-working spaces, galleries and a 'Maker Shed', where those who are feeling handy can share tools and make original pieces.

The first campaign was a great success and they’ve just launched the second round. With a 5% interest rate, if you invest £200 or more you’ll be a share-owning member of this great project, also bagging yourself a tidy 20% discount in their Brood Cafe and first dibs in their design book shop.

The second campaign round is aiming to raise £300,000 to develop more studio space, which will eventually allow ROCO to provide a home to 55 designers, makers and artists.

We’re supporting this amazing development, where artists and creative people can come together to share and show off their work, and we can’t wait to see what talent the new development will bring in.


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