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Our Pick of Independent Sheffield.

149-151 West St

Those of you in the know will already be familiar with this hub of music, cocktails and fresh, locally sourced food. The Wick at Both Ends is currently championing its new approach to food and cocktails with its spring menu and we strongly recommend you get down for a taste.

The new menu takes advantage of seasonal, local ingredients and this is shown in the varied and accomplished dishes that make up this menu. Favoured delights such as pan-roasted lamb rump on a rosemary and mint rosti and roast haddock with lemon and parsley are strong openers. The Wick has always offered a dish for everybody, so why not try their vegetarian/vegan option of roast cauliflower and broccoli on a quinoa and new potato salad. All the dishes on this menu are affordably priced with a clear ethic of good presentation and service behind them.

Worthy of equal celebration this June is the Wick’s new cocktail menu, which has been eagerly awaited by connoisseurs all over the city. The Wick has always been praised for its diverse and delicious cocktail menu and has promised that this time around they will once more raise the bar. In line with its new approach to food, the Wick is now taking advantage of fresh ingredients in everything they create, using an abundance of herbs, spices and fruits that have never been seen in their cocktails before. Sounds like a night to remember. Give it a bash and let us know what you enjoyed most.


Now Then has been exclusively supporting independent traders, community groups and charities in this fair city for over six years. We do not take money from corporates or identikit lager bastards. We do this for two very simple reasons. Firstly, money spent locally stays local, which ultimately increases the amount of resources available within and for the local community. Secondly, the UK is becoming one massive multinational infested clone high street - all the same shops, cafes and betting stores, all the same limiting choice disguised as success. We are creating a characterless void, where once stood independent people full of unique passion for the goods and services they provide.

So ask yourselves, what are the common barriers to shopping independently? Our research suggests it is a perceived increase in price (often not the case), convenience, and a lack of information about where independents are located.

Enter the Now Then discount app and card, launching this September. Among other functions, the Now Then discount app will list independent traders in Sheffield, their opening hours, contact details and any offers or discounts they might have, enabling you to spend your hard won coins independently. The app will categorise offers, helping you to identify and plan your purchases in advance. Finally, the app will have a map function, allowing you to find out where independent traders are located across the city.

It will be with you this September. Get it downloaded. If you are interested in getting your business listed on the Now Then app, please get in touch with us at Be independent. Buy independent.


Sheffield Institute of Arts Degree Show
14-27 June

I Am is one of the biggest student exhibitions in the North, showcasing the work of Sheffield Hallam’s varied roster of artists, designers and makers. The show covers a huge amount of disciplines across a two week period, from photography and fashion to metalwork, games design, furniture making and digital media production.

Free to the public, the exhibitions will be located in Arundel Gate Court, the Cantor Building, the Owen Building, the Sheaf Building and S1 Artspace from 14-27 June. It’s well worth getting down there and checking out the abundant fruits of Sheffield Institute of Arts, which has origins dating back to 1843. More info at

Cutlery & Craft Fair

Sunday 29 June
Portland Works

Portland Works is the new home of Now Then. We love it here, not least because of its history and heritage. There are big plans to mark the centenary of the invention of stainless steel at the works. At the end of the month, the works will host a Cutlery and Craft Fair showcasing many of the skills and practices housed there.

From 11am to 4pm there will be open workshops, music, food and drink, steel-themed storytelling for kids and around 20 stalls, covering cutlery, jewellery, print making, photography and other creative disciplines. A good way to learn about one of the most important historical buildings in Sheffield, and a snip at £1 for adults and free for kids. More info at


89 Division St

Moonko is a shop full of beautiful handpicked products, each with their own story, but also really affordable. Moonko was set up in 2011 by the lovely Deborah Moon with the vision of showcasing the work of new and emerging designers, illustrators and musicians. It has won awards and gone from strength to strength, and they opened their gem of a shop on Division Street last year.

You can buy everything here - Sheffield-made jewellery, handmade soap, candles, cards, stationery, grooming products, wallets, homeware and more. They also stock Gandys flip flops, perfect for summer and with the most amazing back story and have a pop-up gallery showcasing local talent. Go and check it out.


749 Ecclesall Road

Books and parks go together like bacon and eggs. If you haven't been yet, Books on the Park is just off Endcliffe Park and has a fantastic range of quality second-hand books, art, music and more. You should give yourself at least an hour to do some serious browsing and have a chat with super knowledgeable owner David.

Art, photography, fiction, drama, poetry, local studies, philosophy, psychology, comedy, sport, history, politics, design, maths, science and collectables – then (if it’s not raining) you can take a walk and have a read under a leafy tree in the beautiful green space. You just don’t get a service like that on Amazon.

Record Collector

233-235 Fulwood Road

Record Collector first opened its doors in 1978 courtesy of musical catalyst Barry Everard. If you search the web for ‘record shops you should visit before you die’, you’ll find Record Collector listed near the top.

If you like affordable, hold-in-your-hands music, then get yourself down there. If you live too far away then visit their website to purchase vinyl and CDs from the shop with ease. But readers, make no mistake - this place and places like it are increasingly rare. Without your support both online and off, we’ll soon be visiting record store museums, with aged tour guides pointing at dried tear streaks on walls, where once stood vinyl racks and gig posters.

Festival of Debate

It seems fitting to mention this month that there are plans for a Festival of Debate in Sheffield in the lead-up to the general election in May 2015. The festival will consist of a series of discussions across the city. Every political party will be represented and the topics will be prioritised by members of the public via an online vote. The events will take the form of keynote speakers, Q&A sessions, facilitated discussions and more. We aim to create a meaningful dialogue around key social, political and economic issues, which will be recorded and hosted online for all to access. This is a not-for-profit project in its infancy, so if you would like to join the team, or have suggestions for venues or speakers, please get in touch.


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