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Off Me Nut Records.

You've probably heard of Off Me Nut already, or at least recognise the big yellow smiley logo branding their releases. Regularly playing bills on stages at Glade, Bangface and raves pretty much around the country, the label has only been functioning for two years and is now on its 64th release. Prolific and all encompassing, the latest Dankle Brock Out mix features a suitable amount of 90s pop and breakcore, like the end of term school disco has moved from the local Brownie hut to a Venetian Snares gig. Their website alone has all manner of treats to discover, with many a homemade video, mixes and extra tracks, including a version of the Due South theme tune. You can't ask for much more really. What's the background behind the label? Mikie: The label was set up by myself (Dankle) and Tich (from Squire of Gothos) at the beginning of 2010. The idea was basically to give a platform for the music us and our pals were making. Tich: The name was originally a made up label Squire of Gothos claimed to have a release coming out on. Liam O' Shea from Mixed in Sheffield was doing a video interview with us on the back of the Red House. We'd had a few by that point and were flinging answers about all over the place. As we've grown a bit we have had releases from further afield. Mikie: The majority of the releases are set up on a pay as much as you want basis, and the generous people who do donate allow us to run the website and buy equipment that we need to go and play gigs. Can you take us through a few of the folks you've released on the label? We've released a fair bit of local talent who you may have seen playing round the city. The list includes Droid, Platapussy , Kid Lib, Moova, J69, Mr Sly, Walter Ego, as well as a host of producers from outside Sheff, like Sarantis from Leeds , Bruce Stallion from Brighton , Clip and Carbine from New York and Sticky Disco from Israel. There's a lot of music to check out: jungle, bassline, breakcore, house, techno, mash up. If you like raving there'll be something in there for ya! What's your favourite OMN release so far? Mikie: Probably Now That's What I Call 50 Tunes in Under 50 Mins. For our 50th release we asked producers to send in a one-minute track to make up a release with 50 tracks on. There were a lot of people involved with this one. There are a few tracks which are just jokes, but there's a lot of variety on there. Tich: I can remember buzzing off the release by Catman from London quite a bit - still one of my favourites I reckon. I've seen that you've been delving into more metal territory with Temple of Coke. Can you tell us more about that venture? Mikie: Temple of Coke is probably the best band in Sheff. It's made up of the Squire of Gothos and this bloke called Archer. They have a new album dropping very soon. You can check their releases on the Temple of Coke Bandcamp page. They also have a new video out for 'Dreams', which is worth a look as well. Tich: Me and Big Al met through the punk scene in Sheffield. We were in Big Difference, a hardcore punk band with tunes about cider and bus prices. This ended about 2007, I think. The new band Temple of Coke is just getting back to the guitar vibe we always loved but without sticking to a set genre. When it comes to riffs we don't give a fuck any more, we'll play owt! What releases have you got coming up? Forthcoming we have a new Droid release. We're in the process of sorting a release with DJ Shitmat (Wrong Music). Luke's Anger has a release soon as well. Also on the horizon we hope to be releasing our first 12" vinyl, a Squire of Gothos/Phatworld split. What events have you got coming up in Sheff and beyond? In Sheff we have our own night coming up at the new Summit Studios space on 4th May. We have a couple of guests, one being Dave Skywalker, best known for doing the opening sets at Bangface Weekender, and also Bristol based Demon Cabbage. We're also doing something for Tramlines but we're not sure how much we can say about this at the moment. Outside Sheff, we have sets in Brighton and Bristol coming up. Squire are off to Slovenia next week. We'll be at Boomtown Festival, Soundflow Festival and Summer Saturnalia, so it should be a pretty good summer on that front. )

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