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Muna Mcadie Balanced Grace with Muna Mcadie

Sound baths have grown in popularity in recent times, offering practitioners the opportunity to indulge in deep relaxation and enjoy the restorative benefits of sound. Muna Mcadie has begun hosting socially distanced sound bath sessions and everyone is welcome.


As the seasons change and the days grow colder and darker, self-care becomes even more necessary to keep your spirits up, and enjoying a dose of deep relaxation sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon. I chatted to yoga and sound practitioner Muna Mcadie to find out more about her upcoming sound bath session.

Firstly, can you tell us a bit about yourself and Balanced Grace.

I am an established, Sheffield-based yoga teacher and sound practitioner, offering classes and spaces for you to rest, nourish and explore your body and soul. I started practising yoga in 2003 as a form of self-care. I was stressed, self-employed, overwhelmed and burnt out. My practice offered a sanctuary of space and time just for me. I share embodied movement that develops nervous system resilience so we can cope better with the stresses of life. My sound work is designed to support deep rest and complements the movement. It is accessible to all and provides a container for rejuvenation and transformation.

How has the pandemic affected your work? Have you been able to connect with people by moving your sessions online?

I am grateful to say that during total lockdown I transitioned straight over to a digital platform where I continue to offer sessions online. Like everyone I’ve had to invest in kit, learn new ways of sharing access to my creativity and dig deep to support my community. Both studios I worked from have permanently shut so I have remained online. I am delighted to say that I have found a couple of spaces to offer classes from again soon - rules and regulations permitting.

You're hosting a sound bath and deep relaxation session on 24 October. What can people look forward to experiencing at this event?

A sound bath is a meditative listening experience that can help to create a sense of calm and relaxation in the mind and body with a variety of sounds from crystal singing bowls and other instruments. You are invited to come as you are. Bring whatever you need to be comfortable, lie down and rest while this takes place.


What are the potential benefits of group sound baths?

Group sound baths are accessible to anyone who can get there. Absolutely everyone is welcome. I offer sound baths in this way because sound can shift me out of my thinking, rational mind and helps me feel less overwhelmed. I love sharing that and other benefits with others. Some of these are:

Comfort - You lie on cushions, cover yourself with blankets, perhaps use a prop to support your neck, maybe something to cover your eyes, and you relax and receive.

Lasting Effects - The benefits of a sound session last beyond the experience and when practised regularly have a cumulative healing effect.

Sleep - Sound baths can help tremendously in improving the quality of your sleep in a natural way. Even if you already sleep well, sound baths offer access to extra deep, restorative rest.

Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Trauma - It’s difficult to put all these words under the same umbrella but they are all connected. Stress can spill into anxiety, depression and other mental states that we don’t talk about openly. Sound has a way of penetrating the deeper layers within us and helps to shift energy around in order to find greater equilibrium.

Connection - Anything that allows you to spend an hour with yourself should be treasured. We live in difficult times. Sound reminds us that we are human and we deserve to feel.

The pandemic continues to be a stressful time for many. How have you been staying nourished and well during this time?

I stay nourished and replenished by practising embodied yoga. It helps me process life stressors in a supportive way.

Planning meals and preparing healthy snacks in advance means I eat well and stay hydrated. Dehydration can affect concentration.

Making sure I get enough sleep. Sleep is critical for our mental and emotional health.

Staying connected. A sense of togetherness and community is crucial right now.

Practising gratitude. It restores me to think about what I have, and not what I have lost.

Relaxing and being kind to myself. We are in a time of change and worry. I prioritise nourishing activities that make me happy and promote rest and replenishment.

by Felicity Jackson (she/her)
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