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Magnetic North's Final Rave

After three floor-pounding years, the promotions collective is calling it a day – but not before one last party.

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Declan Tate

On Saturday 4 December, Magnetic North will embark on their final all-night techno party. I chatted to founder George to reminisce about the good times and hear what’s in store for the weekend.

First things first and so everyone’s up to speed, can you give us a whistle stop tour of Magnetic North’s journey over the last three years?

Our first ever event was held at The Harley. At the time, we felt that no one was pushing techno in the way we wanted to hear it, so we started our own night.

From then on, it’s gone through many themes and taken many shapes – a kind of intertwined growth that relates to our own experiences and Sheffield, or somet like that. We’ve done pub nights, raves, art installations, a mix series and have raised some decent cash for charity too. It’s been fun.

Raising money for charity has been one of Magnetic North’s main focuses. How much have you raised and who have you been able to help?

Over £1,500 in total. Most notably, was our joint event with THIRDSPACE in October for ‘Installation 02’ at Sidney and Matilda. It was a multimedia, two-room event. Local artists showcased a vast range of art forms and mediums, donating their work for charity sale and room 2 hosted DJs, red lights and heavy smoke. We raised £1,007 that night. Half went to Anti-Raids Sheffield and half went to Mountain Rescue, two organisations that are very close to our hearts.

We’ve also helped support Mind, Shelter, YWCA, sound systems like ‘RAZE’ that got affected by the floods, and local art students from Sheffield Hallam.

Max Armstrong

No doubt it’s tough to choose, but what have been your favourite moments from the Magnetic North parties?

It is hard to choose…

The messages and feedback you get after an event are always nice, from close pals and also people that have never been before. It makes it worth it when you see people happy and enjoying themselves. Little snapshots come to mind, like seeing the whole of The Cremorne bouncing to jungle, including the regulars; seeing the final product of Dan Webb’s work and the first installation event; Pete and Adam closing out the re:ni Laksa night; and Danny Green shutting down the installation dance in October. All these moments make great memories.

Your final rave is set for Saturday 4 December at Dryad Works. Without giving too much away, what’s in store for your last hurrah?

There is probably no DJ more suited for our last ever do - Forest Drive West is a top producer. He makes some of the best UK techno, techno and drum & bass around. No gimmicks, just proper sounds. What he plays should reflect the breadth of what we love to listen and dance to, lots of gradual twists and turns, lots of energy. He is playing for three hours, so it should be a journey.

We’ve got local support from Bambino (FLAW), Alex (Groundwork) and Meridian R (CYCLE) and the MN residents will be playing for the final hour. All that on one of the best sound systems around, RAZE. We cannae wait.

We are also grateful to be able to showcase the second exclusive of Kerrie irl’s short film, based on the Peak District, plants and fungi. It’s set to be a special night!

by Felicity Jackson (she/her)
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