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Local singer KOG features on FIFA 2021 soundtrack

Sheffield's own 'dancefloor shaman' takes vocal duties on ONIPA's 'Fire', which will feature on the soundtrack of the upcoming video game.

Sheffield vocalist KOG will feature on the soundtrack of new video game FIFA 2021.

Well-loved for his distinctive voice and strong stage presence, locally-based 'dancefloor shaman' Kweku of Ghana features on 'Fire' by London-based band ONIPA.

The energetic afrobeat track was first released on the album We No Be Machine in March and was subsequently added to the soundtrack for the soon-to-be-released game.

An upcoming remix EP will feature reworked tracks by Werkha, Village Cuts, Uri Green and Hippo Sound System. We No Be Machine: Rewired is due for release on 6 November.

Kweku made his name in Sheffield as the vocalist of eight-piece afro-funk group KOG and The Zongo Brigade. Recent work includes upcoming collaborations with Afriquoi, Congo Natty and The Busy Twist.

FIFA 2021 is released on Tuesday 6 October.

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