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Celluloid Streams: This week's streaming selection

We're back with another streaming selection. Stay alert for more next week.

Premature (15) - Netflix

Rashaad Ernesto Green's second film was my favourite from last year's London Film Festival. It's a beautifully written and sensitively acted relationship drama. Watch trailer.

It Follows (15) - BBC iPlayer

Arguably (by me anyway) the greatest horror film of the 21st century, It Follows is also an extremely clever social commentary. David Robert Mitchell's film is ingenious, novel and relentless. Watch trailer.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (12) - All4

Luc Besson has surfed the spectrum of film, from the inspired to the insipid. However, the likes of Leon,Taxi!, La Femme Nikita and Subway are cult classics and Valerian has the potential to join them. Watch trailer.

Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey (U) - Netflix

Sesame Street is beloved by millions of children around the world and across generations. Elmo has long been one of its most popular characters. Constance Marks and Philip Shane's wonderful documentary gets underneath the costume. Watch trailer.

Ema (15) - MUBI

Pablo Larraín is one of the best living directors to hail from South America. No, Tony Manero, Jackie and The Club are prime examples of his consistently impressive output. While Ema isn't perfect, you'll struggle to take your eyes off his latest. Watch trailer.

Leave No Trace (12) - NOW TV

Thomasin McKenzie is one of the best young actors working in film today. The New Zealander has since found success with Jojo Rabbit but her big break came in Debra Granik's powerful drama. Watch trailer.

Charade (PG) - Prime

Stanley Donen was undoubtedly one of the best American directors of his generation. The likes of Singing in the Rain, Two for the Road and Funny Face are timeless classics. As is Charade, which could easily have come from the mind of Alfred Hitchcock. Watch trailer.

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