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Jim Ghedi Modern and traditional collide in new single, ‘Beneath the Willow’

Local musician continues to trace the lines of history, politics and social change through his modern take on traditional folk music.

Local musician Jim Ghedi has released a single and accompanying video ahead of a new album released in January 2021.

‘Beneath the Willow’ showcases the performer’s intricate, flowing acoustic guitar work, backed by his band of Neal Heppleston (double bass), dbh (Daniel Bridgwood-Hill, violin), Sally Smith (trumpet) and Guy Whitaker (drums).

The video, directed by local filmmaker Jordan Carroll, follows a painter through the countryside as he conjures memories from his past, interspersed with archive footage related to Sheffield and the Peak District, including portrayals of the Battle of Orgreave and the Kinder Trespass.

The track is taken from Ghedi’s third album, In The Furrows Of Common Place, recorded at Black Bay Studio in the Outer Hebrides and due for release on 22 January 2021.

I wanted to push the sound away from the last album which was quite orchestral into something more live sounding, punchier, direct, even aggressive – to work specifically with the musicians involved instead of adding anything else to it down the line.

Jim Ghedi on 'In The Furrows Of Common Place'
by Sam Walby (he/him)
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