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Hatch DIY collective launches subscription service

Group of musicians, who also run a Sheffield venue, offer special monthly releases and gifts to supporters who help cover running costs during lockdown.

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DIY venue and grassroots music collective Hatch has launched a new subscription service to help cover its running costs until live events can restart.

The Sheffield group’s live event space has been closed for eight months due to the pandemic, with a loss of income making it difficult to cover the cost of rent and utilities.

Subscribers who give £8 a month – “the price of just one gig a month plus a single warm tinned lager” – will get special monthly deliveries from Hatch for five months, including physical items and new releases from bands and musicians in the collective.

Anyone who signs up in December will get exclusive access to Hatch’s “first yuletide compilation EP,” Do They Know It’s Saturnalia?

Nick Potter said that, “as a predominantly anarchic entity,” Hatch had been ineligible for emergency coronavirus funding.

“At present we're running short on our bills every month, so we thought it'd be fun and less stressful to set up a monthly subscription so people can support us through this time.

“It's also a great excuse for the myriad of members to finish off a huge range of weird projects and music that we've been sitting on for a long time.”

Nick added that people can also support Hatch through the Strident Nights raffle this Sunday 20 December, with tickets priced at £2 each.

The multi-purpose unit, which is located near Bramall Lane and also functions as practice space for musicians, has existed in one form or another for over a decade and was originally known as Audacious Art Space.

Earlier this year, the collective released its first recorded music in the form of the 18-track compilation album, Echo From Below: New Music from Hatch Vol. 1, with proceeds split between Hatch and Yorkshire-based charity Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS).

by Sam Walby (he/him)
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