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Events in Sheffield are in constant rotation. Some host popular acts, others book musicians known only to a handful of locals, but none are quite like Gett Off, a party that has consistently supported grime, garage, bass music and everything in between. We spoke to Gett Off’s founder, Danny Lynn, about supporting underground music and on the importance of a night out being a good party, before anything else. How did you get into events and what made you start Gett Off? It started with me putting on parties with a few mates just for fun. It grew from there and I began to put on nights. I was running a club in Peckham, London before I came to Sheffield and began managing club nights at The Harley. Now I’m working in collaboration with Hope Works to bring new exciting events there. Gett Off started as a free night with some local DJs. I started it because there weren’t nights in Sheffield playing the music I loved listening to. It didn’t become a grime-orientated night as such until I booked Slimzee in 2015. A lot of people turned up and enjoyed it, so I decided to keep exploring the sounds I grew up listening to, alongside new talent. What do you see Gett Off becoming? I don’t have an aim. It’s about putting on a good party. It isn’t a pretentious night. I want to create memories. I don’t have a camera man taking pristine pictures. There’s no set times posted up. I want people to come and enjoy the whole night, not stand and wait for their favourite act to appear. I also want to put new artists beside pioneers and have them perform on the same night. I think that’s important. What are the highs and lows of event organising? Putting on a night that stands out with music that I enjoy. Meeting like-minded people is a big part of it, and creating moments that people don’t forget. Stress, losing money and drama [laughs]. Those are the lowest points, but it’s always about music – never about money. It can be a challenge doing stuff in Sheffield compared to somewhere like London. Some things have worked here, some things haven’t, but it’s rewarding when you crack it and it goes off. What Sheffield artists are you enjoying at the moment? Maurice Fulton, an American artist living in Sheffield, whose music and DJ sets are amazing, Parrot, who’s produced a lot of stuff over the years and gone under a lot of names. DSL, who is one of the best producers and DJs in Sheffield. Blood Sport are a really great band and ES.Q’s new stuff is incredible, coming soon on new Sheffield label PXU. I can’t list them all, because there are a lot of good musicians in Sheffield. Many of them are quite reclusive [laughs], but I want to support music like that with Gett Off. I want to give these great and different artists somewhere to showcase their music. Upcoming nights: Fri 17 Feb, Hope Works - Gett Off x Butterz W/ CASisDEAD, Royal T and Elijah & Skiliam Fri 10 Mar, Hope Works - Gett Off x Local Action )

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