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Get the down-low on Dysh Coffee and Kitchen

At Dysh on Ecclesall Road you can enjoy vibrant, locally sourced food with an abundance of gluten-free options.

Bhaji at Dysh
Ros Ayres

Dysh Coffee and Kitchen is a family-run neighbourhood cafe and fully-licensed restaurant on Ecclesall Road. Their menu offers dishes for all occasions, whether you are looking for a brunch choice with friends, an indulgent afternoon tea or a Sunday roast.

For almost everything on the menu you will find gluten-free alternatives available.

We spoke to co-owner Stuart Broomhead to learn more about their passion for creating seasonal and inclusive menus for all dietary needs.

Tell us more about Dysh

Dysh was created out of Alice's love and admiration for food and my love for all things people (and coffee). We had individually been involved in catering and hospitality for many years and we wanted to create somewhere we both could share our passion.

Desserts at Dysh
Ros Ayres

Alice came from Michelin kitchens and I came from bars, hotels and restaurants around the city! Together we brought something different to Sheffield.

We opened our doors back in March 2021. The world was a very different place then! Dysh has gone from strength to strength in the past 17 months, This is mainly down to our fantastic staff offering a wonderful service, as seen by our lovely Google reviews (thanks guys).

What are you passionate about?

We are really passionate about creating a space for everyone, offering menus that cater for many different dietary requirements, allowing freedom and ease of choice, supplying really tasty coffee and just enjoying the company of our guests.

What is the vibe at Dysh?

Outstanding food and drinks in a clean, bright and relaxed space.

Why is it important to you to offer gluten-free options?

The dietary needs of our population has changed dramatically over the years, and for a long time Coeliac or gluten-free diets have always been a challenge when dining out.

We both have family members who need to follow gluten-free diets. We wanted to take that difficulty out of restaurant dining, making it more accessible for everyone.

Dysh drink
Ros Ayres

What do you think of Sheffield as a place to eat out?

I think Sheffield has an amazing and diverse dining-out culture. The offering is so vast that you can pretty much get anything in a small area.

Most places now offer gluten-free options or a separate gluten-free menu. Ecclesall Road in particular has changed so much over the past few years.

What can people look forward to enjoying from your gluten-free menu?

Anything they want. Our menu is so accessible to everyone that nothing is off limits!

All of our cakes are either gluten-free or vegan. We have THE best custard tart in Sheffield and that's gluten-free too.

We offer full gluten-free roast dinners every Sunday and afternoon teas everyday. Even the oat milk we use is gluten-free.

What are your current gluten free favourites on the menu?

My personal favourite is the katsu chicken tots!

A full chicken breast, covered in gluten-free panko breadcrumbs, deep fried in a separate fryer, on top of fluffy potato tots (hash brown balls), drenched with our homemade katsu sauce and topped with crispy fried leeks and sesame seeds.

What’s coming up for Dysh?

More dishes! We have started plans for our new menu, which will be launched in September. Evening events, parties and baby shower bookings galore are also flooding in.

Learn more

Dysh is wheelchair accessible and can be found at 778- 780 Ecclesall Road, S11 8TB. For more information, get in touch at

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