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Fulfilment through film

"I always aim to create an aesthetic that complements the brand or business I am working with," says videographer David Harris.

David Harris Film is a video production company based in Chesterfield and Sheffield, and it's one of the newest additions to the Now Then App. We chatted to company founder David to find out more about his fledgling business.

Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself and why you started David Harris Film.

I decided to set up the business after spending several years in temporary admin and customer service roles when I left university. I never found much fulfilment in this kind of work and felt that my educational background in Art, Design and Film was going to waste.

So I took the first steps in setting up the business and began networking wherever I could around Sheffield to find alternative sources of income doing something that I enjoy: making films.

You offer a variety of video production services. Tell us about these.

I primarily produce short promotional content and documentaries, but with a varied background practising many different forms of art and design, I often aim to embellish these videos with bespoke animations that may incorporate collage or drawing, for example. I always aim to create an aesthetic that complements the brand or business I am working with, so having a strong background in Art and Design in general helps to achieve this.

Which projects have you most enjoyed working on?

During the first year of trading I've found myself doing a lot of work at Union St, which has been enjoyable as there's always several different things going on there at any given time, from street food to co-working and events, so the projects can vary greatly, which keeps it interesting and challenging.

How has the coronavirus pandemic affected your work?

I can't shoot anything new, so aside from tying up projects that I shot before the lockdown, I don't have a great deal to work on. I've been using the time to refine my digital art skills however, so have picked up several new methods and techniques that I'll be able to implement into future productions.

What's on the horizon for David Harris Film, post-pandemic?

Post-pandemic, I plan to get stuck into finding new clients and other creatives to collaborate with, hopefully applying some of the new methods I've learned during lockdown to help promote businesses or people who have positive environmental or social causes, or are very talented at what they do. I specifically hope to work with more restaurants and food traders if the opportunities arise.

by Felicity Jackson (she/her)

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