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Bunga Bunga is a group of local independent promoters who have been putting on parties at unconventional spaces across Sheffield for three and a half years. Working in the spaces between electronic genres, their events are always lively, forward thinking and very well attended, and this month they branch out with their first event in London. How did Bunga get started? Bunga Bunga started following a collaboration of promoters seeking to supply Sheffield with more parties away from clubs, out into some of the vast amount of warehouses and industrial spaces. Sheffield has a long tradition of events of this sort, but we found the regularity of such events to be limited and so sought to fill the void in the city’s nightlife, beginning with our launch event with Julio Bashmore, Melé, Squarehead in April of 2011. Since then we’ve put on the likes of Toddla T, DJ EZ, Dusky, Slimzee, Loefah and Forgemasters, amongst a wealth of others in spots including boxing gyms, practice rooms and industrial units. What's your music policy? The music policy is entirely influenced and informed by the progression of a particular sound of electronic music made in the UK during the early 90s. That sound has since splintered into a variety of musical styles, which means at Bunga you’ll hear house, garage, jungle, techno, grime and everything in between. We are always excited about the tracks and artists working in the gaps and bridging genres. As for the ethos, it’s pretty simple and straightforward - it’s a party, a knees up, it’s upfront. What have been your highlights so far? Our third birthday in April, with DJ EZ, is definitely fresh in the memory, and all of our shows at Yellow Arch, DLS/The Night Kitchen, and New Years at Hope Works were amazing, but due to the fact that the music and environment can be so different each time, it really makes for so many highlights and one-off experiences. It's been a highlight to work with so many artists, both local and national, who provide the soundtrack to the parties. Special mention to all the teams of people behind the scenes across the whole city, providing sound systems, vans and last minute equipment hire, running the venues we all love and stocking the bars we drink in. It's a pleasure to work with people who share the same passion for music and entertainment, of which there are so many. What have you got lined up for the rest of 2014? Next up we have Bunga Bunga London #1 on 3 October, with Scratcha DVA, Cooly G, Champion and Foundation (Sticky & Scott Garcia) at the Crucifix Lane Club on Crucifix Lane. Then on 11 October we have Bunga Bunga Sheffield #12, with Mumdance, Slimzee, Trim and Murlo at The Night Kitchen. More to announce as we enter the closing months of 2014. Incoming! )

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