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Sweet Fruity Brunch & Selva Rmx V1

Local house label Moment Cinetique celebrate their second birthday in sparkling fashion.

Released: 19 June 2020
Rmx V1

Moment Cinetique celebrate their second birthday in sparkling fashion with new remixes of two tracks from their back catalogue. With a steadily growing roster of artists and releases, the label has championed deep, disco-tinged house in South Yorkshire and beyond for the last two years.

Columbian duo Vagabundo Club Social launch the EP with the standout track, an excellent acidic disco rework of 2018's 'Jambon-Beurre' by Sweet Fruity Brunch & Selva. The original has a much deeper, high-quality US house vibe, with a touch of classic Wild Pitch and discordant samples thrown in for good effect, along with horn stabs and breakdowns straight out of Chi-Town. Kevin Over then teases with a sparse, patient intro for his take on 'Shelby Le Hibou' (Shelby the Owl), before that pure house element once again returns with ever-increasing jazz overtones.

Sweet Fruity Brunch go solo with their version of 'Shelby Le Hibou' before Kevin Over returns with a Bandcamp exclusive remix of the same track. This time the jazz vibes lean more towards Detroit's techno-infused house sound and again the result is another killer track to round off a mature quintet. The lively, jazzy chords and breaks enhance the organic disco-filtered sound and add a genuine live feel to proceedings. Happy birthday Moment Cinetique - here's to many more.