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Romare Home

A lesson in slow, soulful dance music from London-based producer Archie Fairhurst.

Released: 31 July 2020

Romare’s much-awaited third long-player for his long-time residence at Ninja Tune is a lesson in slow, soulful dance music that’s perfect both for relaxing and the dancefloor - whenever the latter returns.

Following the excellent 2019 double header Gone/Danger, it’s an extension of last year’s outing as ‘Gone’ reappears to introduce us to a further eight tracks by the tremendously talented Archie Fairhurst.

Those familiar with that release will find themselves traversing a similar path, as ‘Dreams’ maintains an unrushed journey in third gear with a throbbing bassline and lazy but lush overtones. ‘Sunshine’ steps up the pace, a nod to a more traditional house sound with more reverberating bass and percussion.

In among the festival dance grooves there are horizontal and cinematic moments with ‘Deliverance’ and ‘Home’, which showcase a different side to Fairhurst’s talents.

His skills also extend to creating the artwork for the sleeve, a collage of contrasting black and white cut-out images. “In this artwork each cut-out resembles an artist or group sampled in the album,” he commented recently.

Back to the music, we are treated to the high-class, chugging piano house of ‘The River’. Unfurling around a simple three key riff, it picks up momentum with all the right ingredients to rock any socially-distanced lockdown party. ‘High’ eases us back down slightly before revealing a beautiful, laid-back euphoria.

Who said rave music needed to be fast?