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Mogwai As The Love Continues

To say that a quarter of a century has passed since the opening hum of Glasgow’s most transcendent sons, it is truly remarkable that Mogwai continue to define and defy in such mesmeric fashion.

Released: 19 February 2021
As The Love Continues

As The Love Continues is the tenth LP to be released by the incomparable veterans of post-rock and succeeds 2017’s Every Country’s Sun in their emotionally devastating chronology. Continuing right where they left off with producer Dave Fridmann, this record is sublime in its accessibility and surprisingly ambitious in its multiplicity.

The record bears everything one would hope and expect of a Mogwai album. Between luscious textural oscillations that detonate into diamond painted skies, the band characterise everyday vulnerability with seraphic escapism. From the RGB fuzz-pop of ‘Ritchie Sacramento’ to the synthetic neo-orchestral grandeur of ‘Midnight Flit’, the record’s wildly shifting boundaries offer a fresh take on spectacle with each passing turn.

The album offers so much in terms of sonic diversity and is barely definable in all its fluidity, instead using its infinite facets in service of a gripping emotional connection. It’s a record that enthrals as a melange of post-modern nostalgia, a soundtrack to the episodic woes of today through the forgiving, electric eyes of tomorrow.

Above the airless haze of our modern gloom, Mogwai continue to draw the wistful synthetic skyline that wills us to gaze up and yearn for the better days to come, just as they always have done. “Here we, here we, here we go forever,” they say. Long may that sentiment ring true.

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