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Nick Gosling

Music Writer

Nick Gosling

At some point during my formative years, whilst desperately searching for a direction in life, I decided that writing was something I was "alright at" and thought I would give it a go. I was already aware of Now Then through my dad, who at one point contributed some odd little drawings with equally odd musings attached to them. Later, my good friend Richard Spencer, also a writer for the magazine, gave me Sam the editor's email address (after I sheepishly asked for Richard's permission, not wanting to encroach on the cool thing he did) and the rest is history! Richard would later discover my aptitude for responding to emails really quickly, and by extension claiming all the record submissions that he would also like to cover. The only point of contention in our otherwise symbiotic relationship.

Alongside Richard, I am also a member of Ba'al, a 5-piece Post-Metal band based in Sheffield. We formed in 2016 and it has been the primary usurper of my time and money ever since. Thankfully it's a hoot, albeit an occasionally stressful hoot. You can listen to us on all the good streaming sites or even read our blog for a more personal insight into my musical happenings. As with all band people, I have a litany of side projects that exist in several stages of completion. Most of them make it as far as initial conception and go no further. But maybe one day.

Outside of music, my interests are far too many to mention but, generally speaking, they all exist within the province of 'arty things', like paintings and such. At the time of writing, I'm still searching for a direction in life.