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iNFO Assigned

For everything Warp Records brought to this city, one criticism you can throw at them from a local perspective is that for many outsiders, the iconic label’s bright light often left other nearby imprints in the shadows when it came to bleeps and bass. Yet other labels did blaze their own light, with Ozone Recordings being one such outpost.

Released: 21 August 2020

Emerging in 1989 with the seminal ‘Tripwire’ by Success, the label is back after a long hiatus with the homegrown talent that is iNFO.

It’s apt that a Sheffield stalwart and passionate historian of our bleeps and bass scene should be the second release on the reformed label.Assigned kicks off its quintet of tracks with Michael Robinson stepping away from his more recent intelligent electronics-focused sound to a faster, driving electro vibe with a touch of Motor City funk. The title track is overlaid with haunting female moans before bleeps arrive in a very notable nod to LFO’s early excursions. ‘Mindful’ brings the classic wood bass sound to the party, playfully jumping around the bleeps and squelches to once again recreate a worthy homage to Sheffield’s electronic heritage.

‘Hi Jinx’ blissfully massages the speakers with sweet choral chirps and chords to accompany the Seefeel-style bass, while ‘Avade’ captures the early bleep sound perfectly. You can really hear the funk-techno influences of Forgemasters, bringing with it an infectious groove. ‘Time’ rounds off a polished EP as gorgeous strings lap over light-touch arpeggiators and again, a lush bass. It’s still all about the bass.

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