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Hydra Machine Inside

Hydra Machine follow up their 2020 release on the SpaceTime label with a double-header of cool and composed electronic goodness for the Future Cosmetiq imprint.

Released: 31 December 2020

South Yorkshire’s Michael Robinson has continued to develop his sound over the past twelve months. In that time he’s started to make a name for himself, mostly through his iNFO moniker but also with side project Hydra Machine, which finds him straying a little from his trademark sounds of intelligent techno and electro.

‘Inside’ brings a heavy hip-hop kick drum into play, and with those trademark deep Sheffield basslines and an 808 cowbell overlaid, you know you’re onto a winner. The track is at ease with itself as the breaks and chords playfully intermingle, with plenty going on to take this a few levels beyond head-nodding dancefloor territory. There is a notable feeling of classic The Black Dog to this track – it’s a good homage.

Never a man for long titles, the second track ‘Free’ maintains Robinson’s passions and influences of space and sci-fi with a track that sits closer to his bleeps and bass roots. We’re treated to something that has elements of XON, early intelligent Warp releases and a strong hint of Model 500. Two tracks are obviously better than none, but it would‘ve been great to have heard this release extended to four, or even at some point a full album to see how far Hydra Machine can go.