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Adam Zejma Cut & Come Again

A curious reflection of an inhibited production process, Cut & Come Again expands on the acoustic slowcore foundation established on his debut EP Orkney, with an eccentric blend of aesthetics.

Released: 10 July 2020
Cut & Come Again

As full-band recording sessions were quashed due to the emergence of a certain global pandemic, Zejma’s approach to this EP utilises experimental production techniques that explore the idea of varying fidelity, to inspired effect.

Crisp acoustic guitars are accompanied by fizzing and garish synthesisers, intimate vocal harmonies segue through decimated vocoder filters and the minimalistic drums heard on Orkney are largely absent in favour of layers of harmonic noise and percussive glitches. ‘Open’ establishes the diversity of the record through inorganic deviations of indie folk, post-rock and electro-drone, exploding into a sea of dynamism. The intriguing palette of tones and timbres present a sonic challenge yet do not hinder the sentimental bedrock.

Largely sombre in tone, the sensitive qualities of Adam's voice present introspective vignettes of his life both melancholic and occasionally playful. These passages of introspection are especially prevalent on tracks such as ‘Family Tree’ and ‘Workhorse’, with bright harpsichords offering a more whimsical tone on the former, and vibrato guitars depicting a greater level of solemnity on the latter.

Despite the relative brevity, the flexuous nature of the EP feels developed beyond its constraints. As a reflection of Zejma’s imaginative expertise, this EP succeeds in its mission of offering an unconventionally heartfelt experience, and cementing Adam’s place as a profound producer.

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