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Åyusp Wild Edges

Sheffield duo Åyusp follow up last year’s self-titled debut with an altogether much deeper affair.

Released: 21 December 2020
Wild Edges

The trio of tracks here add up to just over 50 minutes of music that will enthral fans of Tangerine Dream, Harmonia and other ambient luminaires. Inspired by the rocky Derbyshire landscape of Gardom’s Edge, these tunes originally formed part of a bigger visual work, accompanying an interactive 360-degree panoramic view of the area. The otherworldly sounds we are treated to on the new release are reflective of an ancient playground that sits right on the doorstep of Sheffield.

It starts with the epic ‘Song Of Åyusp’, which soundtracks a journey across time and space to when long-gone settlements existed out on the wild moors and hills. Haunting choral voices and distant bird calls make way for emotive strings before a long and ghostly fade out. ‘All Rhodes Lead To The Rock Art’, which was apparently inspired by Harold Budd’s The Pearl, brings a much lighter tone as Paul Mills and Graham McElearney introduce dreamy keys and subtle percussion that would see this track sit comfortably among most chilled Balearic DJ sets.

Things take a colder, darker and more isolated turn as ‘Eternal Morning #1’ cranks the atmosphere up, with a sound reminiscent of Tangerine Dream’s iconic soundtrack to The Keep. If you go out into the wilds of the Peak District any time soon, take this record with you. No doubt you’ll see the place in a different light and more vividly, as Åyusp augment the landscape with a stunning soundtrack.