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Record-breaking Frank Turner triumphs at The Foundry

Want to help grassroots venues and independent record shops while setting a world record of 15 gigs in 15 towns in 48 hours? Frank Turner's your man.

4 May 2024 at
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Saturday, 4 May. Let's be clear: Francis Edward Turner has plenty of history when it comes to setting world records. Indeed, he's quoted as saying, "With nearly 3,000 shows under my belt, I've never been one to do things by halves or shirk a challenge – I once played all 50 American states in 50 days, for goodness sake.”

His latest challenge? To play 15 solo shows, in 15 towns, in 24 hours, with each set running for a minimum of 20 minutes. Starting at Liverpool's Jacanda and finishing at Southampton's Brook, his feat was all in aid of the Music Venue Trust, 15 grassroots venues and 13 independent record stores, all of which Turner is passionately committed to.

Sheffield's Foundry provided the stage for gig number four, where a proud and match fit Turner introduced himself by saying, "This is great – I'm just hitting my stride now after three shows... I'm warmed up", before launching into a set drawn mainly from new LP Undefeated, all lapped up by a beaming early evening crowd in a party mood.

Opener ‘No Thank You For The Music’ excels with its wry, lyrically sardonic poetry: "Now I wouldn't give a fuck about the style cartel / If It wasn't for their wider pretensions / To represent some kind of authoritative voice / On value with the cultural dimension" – a sentiment that could be aimed at any of our recent culture ministers.

Racing through ‘Girl From the Record Shop’ and the brilliantly titled ‘Never Mind The Back Problems’, there's a rare moment of insight as Turner discloses, and plays, his favourite new LP track, ‘Somewhere Inbetween’. "I shouldn't say that really," he muses, "it's like saying who your favourite child is."

‘Ceasefire’ details Turner's adolescent view of The Verve in the context of today, while crowd favourites ‘Wessex Boy’, ‘Four Simple Words’ and set closer and singalong favourite ‘Do One’ close out the all-too-brief, but economically exhilarating set, as Turner bounces offstage and into a taxi to gig number five at Gasoline, Chesterfield.

Sunday, 5 May. It's 12.30pm at The Brook, Southampton where Turner successfully completes his marathon world record attempt. He posts on Instagram: "Proud, Tired, Grateful. Long live Independent music". Frank Turner. Played 15. Won 15. Undefeated.

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Throughout Foundry there is level access, with a ramp up to a raised area and up to the disabled viewing platform in the Foundry main room which is available during live gigs (but not during club nights). Foundry have extensive information about accessibility at the venue on their website.

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