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Children of Zeus, Dan G and Otis Mensah

Children of Zeus refurbish Peddler, swapping out food trucks and long benches for grinding and neo-soul.

8 October 2021 at

On Friday night Peddler Warehouse in Neepsend came alive with an energy it’s never felt before, thanks to the sensual sound of Children of Zeus. The duo took to the stage following a forever on-point set from Otis Mensah and Dan G, delivering tracks both old and new to a crowd who swayed along to every word.

The neo-soul duo stepped out onto the stage and dominated immediately, opening with some of their more familiar tracks before moving on to new hits from their sophomore album Balance. The first of these was ‘No Love Song’, which contrary to the title was laced with the kind of heart-on-sleeve soul that could solicit feelings of love for everybody around you.

This vibe carried on throughout the night, with the pair’s contrasting vocal tones making them a match made in heaven. Soulful hooks and riffs blend with monotone rapping to make something that is in itself unique, yet incredibly accessible to everyone listening, regardless of their genre preferences.

The Peddler crowd were left wanting more, and the duo delivered an encore before heading to the back of the warehouse to meet and greet fans who’d come out that night. Children of Zeus’s current tour takes place following a run of festivals that helped them prepare after lockdown. The elongated gap between gigging was clear in the two of them, as even behind the mask of their super-cool music, they struggled to hide how excited they were to be back onstage. That excitement manifested itself in one of the most soulful and fun gigs to come to Sheffield this year.

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