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Glass Caves, 30 November, Academy 2

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Glass Caves are the kind of band who immediately strike you as one you should've heard of before seeing. They're brimming with confidence and unrestrained talent, and they create the kind of warm atmosphere that's only possible from a group who are self-assured and know how to work effortlessly as one.

To describe the effect of their sound, one only needs to look at the audience on the night. Those in attendance couldn't be locked into one age bracket, which is the magic of an alternative rock band who edge towards pop, but are distinctive enough to not sound like they're chasing whatever sound is charting at the moment. They have a solid identity and the talent to mould and present their music in a way that's welcoming to most listeners, especially when performed live.

The band were as sharp as their outfits

In their early years Glass Caves cut their teeth busking and the confidence gathered through years of enchanting an unsuspecting public showed in the group's performance. The band were as sharp as their outfits, and their delivery of 'I Do', 'Do You Have A Name', 'Swim', 'Alive' and 'Taipei Nights', as well as others, made for a warm and lively event. Despite the variety of the aforementioned tracks, there's an all-round balance to these songs which gives each a similar energy that works to keep listeners interested, regardless of the pace.

Watching Glass Caves play conjures up feelings that you're witnessing a band who are on the brink of great success. But if you look closely at the joy in the faces of those closest to the stage, it becomes arguable that they're already there.

Akeem Balogun

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