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Andro and Eve: The Kingdom Come #5, 11 May, APH

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"You put a Twix up your foof... Does your sister know that?" says Shesus to the shocked audience member, as two nuns look lustily over their shoulder. The confessionee looks around dismayed at their sister, who is also in the audience. The pair are invited onstage to talk it out in a public confessional, while the rest of the audience chant "Hail Mary Berry" in unison.

Is this the new daytime TV show, Forgive Me Lord For I Have Sinned, that we've all been waiting for? No, it's Kingdom Come #5 and this is Shesus and the Sisters, absolving us all of our unsaintly behaviours.

a scintillating display of drag king finery

The best part is that this was just the interlude entertainment. The rest of the show was a scintillating display of drag king finery in all its many forms. In a blur of fantastic outfits and fabulous dancing, the four acts blessed the onlookers with a glimpse of what paradise might look like. I didn't realise I'd wanted to see someone perform dressed in leather to a soundtrack of Billie Eilish until I watched Romeo De La Cruz do it. Equally, Oedipussy's romantic ode to pubic hair, 'Let It Grow', was as poignant as it was hilarious, and Benjamin Butch's pithy performance of masculinity was mesmerising.

It wasn't all fun and games, though that may be hard to believe. CHIYO used their second act to have a frank discussion with the audience about privilege. It was refreshing to see the platform used like that, because in the midst of it all it's easy to forget the reason we were there in the first place: expressing our queerness together.

In the face of a thousand phobias, we have to recognise our own privilege and use it to lift each other up.

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