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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 143 February 2020

It feels a bit late to be saying it, but since this is our first print issue of 2020: Happy New Year to you. This month we have interviews with TV presenter Chris Packham and South Africa-born, Manchester-based party DJ SNO, fantastic articles exploring the climate, the General Election result(!), Sheffield’s Access Space and tulpamancy, plus low and no-alcohol drinks in the Food section, a feature on the Year of Reading in Word Life, and loads more. Our featured artist is the US-based illustrator Ben Tolman.

Here at Opus, besides putting this magazine together, we have been busy co-ordinating and planning Festival of Debate 2020. There are a big couple of announcements in this issue, but also stay tuned for the full programme of 70+ political events happening between 14 April and 30 May, which goes live in print and on on 2 March.


This month's articles

Localcheck Access All Areas

Over the past 20 years, thousands of people have come across Access Space. It's a weird, low-key space opposite The Rutland Arms on Sidney…

Dry February

Far beyond Dry January and Sober October, there's a growing trend for choosing non-alcoholic and low-ABV drinks. There are many reasons why…

Morley's Fun Page Tulpamancy Explained

What separates a tulpa from an imaginary friend is that, once fully formed after months of a process called 'forcing', a tulpa will act autonomously.

SNO Rumba rhythms and Congolese club

Ahead of her set alongside Awesome Tapes From Africa and Mr Scruff for La Rumba's third birthday, we talked about the family member that started her along the path that eventually led to the DJ booth.

PROLE JAZZ Songs of January 2020

The relentlessly prolific musicians of Sheffield have been working overtime this January, seemingly determined to top the creative magic of…

Uncut Gems: Rat, meet maze

The Safdie Brothers' anxiety-riddled Uncut Gems is a film about escape; a film about an indebted gambler scheming against all the odds that…