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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 142 January 2020

This month's articles

Leigh Jennings Witty & profane embroidery

It's always great to throw the spotlight onto an artist whose discipline is entirely new to us and to our best knowledge we've never featured embroidery in Now Then.

Try Somewhere New

To kick off 2020, we want to showcase a selection of recent openings in Sheffield, some of which may already be on your list to try in the…

As I Ride: Forming stories in movement

As I ride, in my mind I write. I'm thinking up words that might capture the experience I'm having - the burn in my legs as tyres eat into…

Honey Boy: Healing in Motion

There comes a point in Honey Boy, a semi-autobiographical film that explores child actor Otis Lort's relationship with his outlaw father,…

Roundup: 2019 in Music

With the internet providing a steady drip-feed of exciting new releases, it's easier than ever to miss the good stuff. With that in mind we asked our writers to tell us about their favourite albums, EPs or tracks that you might have missed.

Headsup Film composer Andrew Swarbrick

Nether Edge film composer Andrew Swarbrick has spent years honing his craft, scoring soundtracks for movie trailers and a string of…