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A Magazine for Sheffield

Issue 137 August 2019

This month's articles

Localcheck Better Buses Overdue

Travel by bus to Sheffield city centre more than halved in the 25 years to 2010, according to a Council report called 'A Vision for…

The Art of BBQ

The art of barbecuing takes some practice and we've all experienced the downsides of a bad one, whether that's incinerated sausages or…

Fem Sorcell Pattern, surface & space

We've been spotting the work of Fem Sorcell for a couple of years, popping up on walls and in exhibition spaces across Sheffield. Her…

The Dead Don't Die

Art-weird cinema tackles the zombie film in The Dead Don't Die, a shaggy, near-meaningless and characteristically deadpan half-parody from…


I Föllakzoid