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A Magazine for Sheffield
Tim Neal

Writer interested in place, language, ethnography, collaborative arts practice. PhD on belonging where you don't belong. Allotmenteer, grandfather.

Memory Dance

Two local archive programmes on Sheffield Live! TV, hosted by Memory Dance, aim to trigger cross-generational memories of our city.

Wild Food Of mushrooms and maggots

Which is the finest wild food? This changes with the season but one mushroom—the cep, the porcini, known in English as the Penny Bun—has risen from the forest floor to stake its claim.

Wild Food The Myth of the Nettle

What is it that holds us to the earth? Sensing gravity, giving it meaning. How do we grow roots in a place when we don't quite recognise the smell of the soil?

Roma Futures: Pals & Chavs

There is an understanding in anthropology that people are defined by who they aren't as much as who they are. Who are the Roma? They know…

O Beng: Latzo & His Son

Everyone knows that Latzo’s son could have died from his injuries. His story might, once upon a time, have begun on a dark and brillig…

Down There: A Summer Tale

Page Hall. Everybody wants to know what it's like 'down there', except perhaps those living there. Maybe none will know that someone has…