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Philippa Willitts

Philippa Willitts is the editor of Now Then and, as a community correspondent, writes about the LGBTQI+ and disability communities in Sheffield. As well as writing for Now Then, she is the editor of Global Comment and welcomes whatever freelance commissions come her way. She is an activist and campaigner who also loves Sheffield, the seaside, her friends, craft beer and good food.

"I really did feel forgotten about"

Nearly two weeks after a burst water main flooded a gas pipe in Stannington, Now Then asks whether disabled residents were properly supported.

Threat of cuts & redundancies at Heeley City Farm

Residents fear the closure of the cafe and garden centre at the community hub that supports disabled and young people in the city, as a result of financial 'rescue plan' approved by its board.

What if an asteroid hit Park Hill flats?

A new data visualisation tool lets you choose a place and an asteroid, then sit back and survey the devastation. So what would a Sheffield cataclysm look like?