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A Magazine for Sheffield
Laurence Peacock

Laurence is Artistic Director of Blowfish Theatre, the perpetrators of Boris and Trump the Musicals.

How Does Google Make Money?

To understand Google’s highly successful business model, we first need to know about the accidental but highly significant discovery the company made in the early noughties, a discovery which transformed it from unprofitable provider of free web searches to ubiquitous corporate verb.

Boris: A Word From The Man Himself

Hello chaps,Boris Johnson here. Yep, that's right, former Foreign Secretary, Vote Leave front man and all-round top chap. What with Brexit…

Stumped: The battle for Sheffield's street trees

As the battle for Sheffield's trees continues to play out across the city's streets, in its courtrooms, newspapers and online, it seems a good time to ask: in England's greenest city, how did it come to this?

Ethical Cash: Our Criminal Banks

You're in town and you need a coffee. Like, if you don't get a latte soon, you are going to KICK. OFF.In front of you, Coffee Warehouse.…

Unprecedented: The NHS Crisis

On the weekend of 3 December 2016, all of London's paediatric intensive care beds were full. The system was under such pressure that every…

Planning: Sheffield Under Review

Parts of Sheffield are under review. The future of ex-factory buildings on Sidney Street and the shops at the top edge of Devonshire Street…

A Swim: Somewhere in the hills

On the edge of a small rocky pool somewhere in the hills above Howden reservoir, I am standing completely naked. Water the ruby brown of…