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Ged Camera

Another Round

Mads Mikkelsen's latest film serves up an alcohol-fuelled experiment, but should he be popping the corks about the resulting storyline?


Director Brian Song explores love and grief through the story of a largely-unknown 1979 plane crash, which decimated Uzbekistan’s FC Pakhtakor Tashkent.

Manchester International Film Festival

A truly independent film festival which champions cinema from around the globe, we spoke to Director of Operations, Neil Jeram-Croft, about MANIFF, which took place earlier this month.

Filmreel Woman at War

Protagonist and antagonist Hella balances her environmental and personal lives.

Filmreel Words of Love

The beauty of Leonard Cohen's words is superbly captured in the documentary.

Filmreel Greta

If “Here’s Johnny!” is a catchphrase to strike a chill in the heart, then Greta’s equivalent could be “Mon Cherie”.

Filmreel The Raft

A film that throws a light onto a social experiment conducted by Santiago Genoves - with the results not being too surprising.

Filmreel The Favourite

The undocumented spaces in history are exploited to add intrigue into the plotline of this tale of backstabbing and political manoeuvring.